Secrets to boosting your Airbnb ranking

If you are interested in finding more ways to improve your Airbnb ranking, then you are not alone. You may or may not know this, but Airbnb’s search engine works in almost a similar way as Google does, utilizing special search algorithms that facilitate rankings. The higher your rental property appears on the listings, the higher your chances of attracting bookings from interested guests. So, what can you do to boost your Airbnb ranking? Here are some tips to help:

Make your rental property stand out 

Airbnb guests have come to expect a level of quality when it comes to the rental properties available especially when there are so many options to choose from. To help boost your ranking, you need to make sure that your listing stands out as much as possible so that guests can know what to expect from your space. Ensure that you provide relevant information that describes your rental property well and ensure that you create great descriptive copy that will give your guest a full picture of what to expect before they can finally make a commitment.

Get help from an Airbnb Hosting Service

An Airbnb Hosting Service not only has access to the best marketers and marketing strategies, but they also have a deep knowledge of the local area. This means that a great Airbnb Hosting Service should be able to guide you on everything that you need to do in order to keep your occupancy levels high and your guests happy so that you can continue to make a killing on your property.

Improve your response rate

Nothing is more frustrating to a guest that attempting to contact a host to no avail. As such, one thing that you can do to improve your ranking is to improve your response rate. You can do this by ensuring that your guest’s queries are handled as soon as they are made. You should also make sure to reply to all booking inquiries as they come in to improve your level of efficiency. 

If your response rate is at one hundred percent, ensure that you do everything in your power to maintain it. Responding quickly to your guest’s needs will prove to your guests that you are an attentive host and that you care about your guest’s welfare and needs.

Collect reviews

As a host, your primary objective should be to offer a great experience for all your guests from one booking to the next. The quality and quantity of reviews that your rental property attracts matters as it will directly affect your rankings and performance. The more positive reviews and feedback that you collect, the higher your chances of success will be.