End of tenancy cleaning: the landlord’s role

The tenancy agreement states that the tenant has a responsibility to leave the house they are exiting in good condition. While this obviously means that it should be in the state in which they found it, the truth is that wear and tear will have a toll on some areas around the house. Did you know that a landlord is not supposed to charge you for natural aging of their property? Well, carry on doing the best to clean the property but the landlord has a part to play. Here are some of the areas they will have to either clean again or rework; 

The oven

A lot of heavy cooking takes place in the oven so it naturally has a build-up of grease and dirt. Over time, this dirt sticks on the inside surfaces making the oven to have a general dull appearance even after it has been cleaned. If the oven is still in great working condition, the landlord should call in professional oven cleaners. This is the cheap alternative to doing it or risking damage with someone who is not an expert. Besides, the target is to get the oven looking like new for the next person. 


The tenant must have removed all their food from the refrigerator but they might not have cleaned the inside thoroughly. As the landlord, you want the fridge to be presentable especially because it deals with food storage. Are there special detergents you can use to remove fridge stains inside? Giving a good clean to the fridge ensures a clean appearance and prevents nasty surprises in the form of sights and smells. 

Cupboards and shelves

Storage cupboards out of wood and this makes them prone to staining. The stains could have been as a caused by the last tenant but how about aging? Do the shelves look clean but some areas have stains? If the tenant has cleared all the storage spaces and done a thorough clean, the rest is up to you. Clean the handles, corners and back of the drawers to remove food remains and dropped items. 

Carpets and floors

You already know the condition you expect to find the flooring in based on your inspection when the last tenant left. If there are stains that are present due to natural aspects such as rain water damage or foundation leakage, this is your time to take care of it. Landlords should either call in professional cleaners to redo the floors or clean the carpets to retain the initial attractive appearance and smell of a new house. End of Tenancy Cleaning London is one of the most famous cleaning service and you can also find a professional company to do it for you.

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